What is there to do around Maberly?

Many of our clients have asked us what is there to do nearby, as some like to combine a trip to the spa with other sight seeing to make a day trip out of it.  We are located in such a beautiful location between two picturesque towns in Ontario, Perth and Westport, Ontario and Surrounded by many many lakes. We have compiled a short list of things you can find literally within five minutes of our spa location.....check them out: 

The Maberly Bake Shop

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Located literally just 2 minutes drive up the road, this little spot has some great treats!  A spot open throughout the year, having both breakfast and lunch items available.  There is a table to sit inside as well as seating outside on those pretty Autumn Days.

The one thing you have to try, if they are not sold out that is, is their delicious butter tarts.  In just over 2 years, the running tally of how many butter tarts have been sold is up to 67,000....plain, raisin or pecan....which will be your favourite?

Silver Lake Picnic Spot

Right off of Highway 7, no more than a 5 minute drive away from our spa location.  This is an idyllic spot for those husbands to sit and wait while their wives are being pampered.-if they are not interested in joining her themselves that is (men are always welcome at Sundari Day Spa...but be sure to take a treat with you from The Maberly Bake Shop.   

This spot truly is great!  Even though it is just off the highway , it is very peaceful.  It has a number of picnic tables with ample space in between as well as toilets.

Or if you feel super ambitious, there is a nice easy boat launch for canoeing or kayaking.  From what I understand Silver Lake is pretty deep!  

Nearby ATV trails

Within a few minutes walking down to the end of Maberly Station Road, you will find an ATV trail that once use to be part of the train track.  It is well maintained.  We have enjoyed many scenic walks along this path.  You can also access it a bit further down the road on County Road 36.

About 20-25 minutes walking from our spa location to the East you can come across McGowan Lake and depending on the time of year you can even see the swans!  But either way you go on the trail you will be blessed with lots of wildlife-once we were able to see 6 different Herons....

There are a number of other things in the area depending on your interests.  To the North of us, you can find McDonalds Corners and home to the delicious Wheeler's Pancake House.  If you enjoy the arts, there are a number of studios in the region, and Brooke Valley, annually we have the Sundance Festival nearby.  There is also lots of camping nearby and various cottages. 

 Please come and enjoy touring around the scenic countryside we call home.