We would like to introduce the newest member of our team-April.  April is going to be adding to the services we offer at the spa.  The first service available now is Thai Yoga Massage.  Please read the following to learn who April is, what Thai Massage is and how you can enjoy the benefits:

"I started my career in the wellness industry as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor in 2003. I have certifications in Spinning, TRX, Kettlebell, Yoga and Pilates and I am also an experienced running coach. I am currently registered with the Edison Institute of Holistic Nutrition and recently graduated from a massage therapy program.  When I was introduced to Thai Massage at a Yoga conference weekend in Toronto in 2006, I was immediately drawn in by the compassion and kindness inherent with this practice. Studying at Thai Massage Toronto provided me with methods of self care to release tense muscles, improve range of motion, and relax the mind. I am certified as an Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. This certification is recognized by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing modality that was born in Thailand and has flourished in North America. This therapeutic style of massage combines soft tissue manipulation techniques, assisted yoga postures, breathing and meditation to bring the

body into a state of deep relaxation. Developed as an assisted-yoga practice, the rhythm and intensity is guided by Ayurvedic principles of constitution: slow and gentle for Vata, non-vigorous and relaxing for Pitta, energetic and fiery for Kapha.  

The treatment is performed on soft floor mats in loose comfortable clothing. In receiving Thai Yoga Massage one experiences the benefits of a Yoga practice. The technique is often described as assisted Hatha Yoga and is performed with rhythmic motions, palming and thumbing along energy lines, gentle stretching, and breath work during this passive yoga therapy. In addition to stretching the muscles Thai yoga massage improves circulation, relieves muscular tension and spasm, and boosts the immune system.

I always enjoy working with new clients, as the unfolding evolves during a session, exhale by exhale, press by press, the tension evaporates, breath elongates, muscles relax, and a calm, focus prevails. I look forward to sharing the benefits of this practice and to cultivatin​g a meaningful experience with you."

Introduction Pricing to Thai Yoga Massage:

60 minutes-$60

90 minutes-$90

Introducing April Larkham

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