Sundari Day Spa Policies

  • Cance‚Äčllations and No Shows-We always do our utmost to provide confirmation calls or emails.  If for any reason you need to reschedule your appointment, we are happy to take care of this matter for you.   However, we do request that you please provide us with a minimum of 24 hours notice.  If you do not provide us with 24 hours notice, please note that we will charge you 50% of your service fee.  The reason for doing this, is that as we are a small spa, a lot of times we are not able to accommodate all of the clients who would like to come in.  At times, we have a rather extensive cancellation list.   If you have an appointment and you do not show, you are robbing us of income as well as robbing another client the opportunity to enjoy a service.  It is a matter of respect and courtesy.  Additionally, some of our services do require quite a bit of set up, and for us to always be prepared, we like to do the bulk of this work the evening before.

  • Late arrivals-Please note that if you arrive late for your service we will have to shorten your service to be fully present for the client we have scheduled after you. 

  • Contagious Sickness-please note that if you are suffering from an illness or an ailment that may be contagious, we do ask that you reschedule your appointment.  With the line of work we do, we are always in close proximity to our clients.  We ask that you consider this regarding our health and safety, along with the members of our family we may pass germs onto as well as our other clients who may be in the spa.  Some of our clients may have compromised immune systems.  Thank you for your consideration in regards to this matter.

  • Pregnancy-we always welcome clients who are pregnant in our spa.  We do however, request that you inform us of this at the beginning of your service if you are pregnant or think you may be, and if you need to keep this information discreet we will absolutely respect your privacy.  The reason we would like to know is that in our spa services sometimes we may use essential oils which are not recommended for pregnancy.

Our policies are in place with the sentiment of having respect and courtesy for our time and of all of our clients, as we will always strive to have respect and courtesy for you.  We understand life happens and emergencies do come up as well.   We thank you in advance for your consideration regarding these details.